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Paulo Simas

Board Member

Paulo has a Master's degree in Production Engineer (PUC - RJ), a Bachelor's in Administration (FGV - RJ), and an IESE Alumni. He is also a Certified Board Member by IBGC (CCA), collaborating Pro Bono in several of the Institute's commissions since 2014.


He has successfully held CEO positions for Philips in Chile and Mexico, preceded by extensive CFO experience in multinationals such as Philips, Arthur Andersen, and BAT Brasil. As a result of his career, Paulo has acquired broad experience in business management, strategy, and people engagement for consistent results, above all.


He is co-founder of TGPowerhouse, a consultancy firm exclusively focused on market creation strategies, operating under the BOSBrasil brand, and the authorized partner of Blue Ocean Global Network for Blue Ocean Consulting projects in Brazil.


He is co-founder and Chairman of Nicoya, a healthcare startup whose purpose is to help people have a "Long and Healthy Life," from a physical, mental and emotional point of view, focusing on mitigating the risks associated with genetic predispositions to chronic non-communicable diseases.


Paulo speaks fluent Portuguese, English, and Spanish and lives in São Paulo, Brazil.

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