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Sausalito Trading is a traditional Brazilian trading company born to fulfill and cater to the increasing global needs for mineral, ferrous, non-ferrous, and processed metals. Over time, and at the request of myriad importers who demand a relationship based on absolute trust, Sausalito Trading is proud to have built an extensive global network of import/export business associates and services suppliers who accumulate over 200 years of know-how, contacts, and, above all, trustworthy relationships, to address the needs of an  expanding list of products with the same, consistent, Old-World reliability.


Headquartered in Brazil, the company has built an extensive Networking of Senior Associates as well as Business Associates in different parts of the globe. It was established in 2015 after the acquisition of Tordesillas Trading by Arthur Vasconcellos, one of its principal Partners, who subsequently formed a team with a group of seasoned executives with diverse backgrounds to focus on the opportunities of global trade.


After these successful years, different demands have come up and the shareholders decided to create in April 2022, Sausalito International, a Holding Company that begins with three different Divisions (Business Units):

•    International Trading: export/import of different Commodities as mentioned above.

•    Finance Platform: Advisory on Business Plan, Valuation, M&A, among others as well as Trade Finance.

•    Business Development: support foreign companies on knowledge of Brazilian Market and its complexities. 

We are ready to help you capitalize on our experience, record, and connections, as well as share our belief that International Business done with mutual respect and trust can fully maximize the possibilities.




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